Marisol Ray Alexander - 17 years old - Student - TAKEN

  • Bio: Marisol is from Wales, and came to London to spend the last two years of her high school career in what is, in her opinion, the greatest city of the world. Her whole life she’s been dreaming of the bright lights of London, and has been working her brain to mush to attain a perfect GPA to get enough financial aid to go to the City of London School. She’s got her eye set on the luxurious life of the fabulously rich, and she won’t stop until she gets there. Not that she’s mean, or manipulative, rather a work-a-holic. In fact, Marisol has an annoyingly strict moral code. She doesn’t drink; she rarely parties, and never cheats.. She doesn’t even use cold medicine to help her get some actual sleep the night before a big test, as her mother has suggested several times.When Marisol isn’t maintaining her ridiculously high grades, she burns through books like nobody’s business. From Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird, to Alice in Wonderland and even more modern classics like Harry Potter – she will read anything twice before you’ve even flipped the cover.
  • Secret: She took a concentration-enhancing drug to help boost her grades back home.
  • FC: Karen Gillian 
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