Jules Templeton - 22 years old - Works at the Library - OPEN

  • Bio: The dreamer. Jules has always dreamed about becoming a famous writer. He’s very philosophical and thinks a lot. He can spend a whole day in Hyde Park reading or writing poems about his feelings, experiences or views. Or love. He’s a sweet and caring man who knows how to express his feelings. The problem is, there’s no one to love. You could consider him much of a loner, or call him the library boy. He enjoys being surrounded by old books and people that’s interested in the old books. He works as a librarian and loves his job, although he wants to be the one who writes the books that people rent. However, working at the library has some benefits. He can print out some of his writings and interested people might read it. Who knows, maybe the next book you read is one of his? 
  • Relationship: Brother to Julia.
  • Secret: Jules is a rapist. No one knows, of course, but sometimes he stalks people and surprise them. He doesn’t want to rape others, but sometimes he gets really desperate. Several times he rapes his sister, Emma, but he tells her that she can’t tell anyone. If she does he’s going to do seriously bad things to her. 
  • FC: Penn Badgley
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